We introduce ourselves as a Marketing Based organization having association with Manufactures of Steel, Glass, Cement, Reheating Furnaces, Petrochemicals Fertilizer, etc., for more than three decades. We have been marketing All Type of Refractory Products be it Bricks, Monolithic, etc, Scrap. Ferro Alloys and other Mineral items to the Above Industries from time to time. We also introduce ourselves as the Manufacturers of All Types of Refractory Monolithic namely:- Magnesite Based, High Alumina Based, Silica Based, etc. 

We specialize in EBT / TAP HOLE FILLING MASS (for E.B.T. Furnaces), Bentonite, Gunning Material, High Alumina Ramming Masses, Ramming Mass for Induction Furnaces along with the Patching Material & Coil Coat. 

This material can be made available in both, Magnesite Based & Silica Based. We specialize in making Tailor Made Monolithic as per the requirement of the Customers. We have been providing them with techno commercial service.

 At present we are already exporting: -

a)        Ramming Mass, Coil Cote, Patching Material for Induction Furnace and spares require in Steel Industries along with other Refractory Materials for different industries.

b)        We are also successfully exporting Bentonite, Sodium Base in 180 Mesh to our customer entire satisfaction.

We have very strong marketing base, doing business more than 5 million USD$ a year, in sale of refractory and other material in Domestic Market. 

Being a strong marketing based organization; we are also able to sell different types of materials and commodities in domestic market and also willing to import materials for which have a scope in above-mentioned Industries. It becomes easy for us to market such products due to the relations we maintain business houses mentioned above.  

We are also equally competent in export market for the above products as well as other commodities, which we are able to procure from the other manufacturer at the competitive prices having standard, acceptable quality, to make ourselves known as a reliable and dependable exporter. In short we even procure all different kinds of materials required by our valued customers and supply them the same as per their requirement.

We are an open-minded group, open to trading in any and all products for which a demand scope can be established. Marketing is our job and we take it seriously.

 This is how we look at Business from a Humans point of view:-


Heart Beat Repeated order and growing base.
Blood Finance
Blood Supply Finance required timely to avoid ill health

Accounting , cleans blood / finance and helps crystallize the earnings securing its stability. Accounting that gets pumped through the heart and maintains its healthy working through its constant blood supply.